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Setup and Support from Start to Finish

Our phone plans provide considerably more features than the average analog line and the list keeps growing. Since our phones are digital and the service is internet based, we’re able to support you remotely and provide updates over the network. Here are some of the current most used features.

10 Party Conference

Use a 10 party conference line to connect 10+ callers. Simply dial in to the conference number.

Text Messaging

With Brandywine, you can send and receive text messages from your business phone line, from your computer or smartphone.

Cell Phone Forwarding

Send and receive calls on your business line using your cell phone.

Automated Attendant

An automated attendant can handle basic tasks and direct callers to the appropriate extension.

Voicemail to Email

Access your voicemail from anywhere via e-mail using your phone or desktop.

Virtual Fax

Send and receives faxes from your email.

Call Detail Reports

Access to analytics and detailed call history, call durations, etc.


Easily connect with your team using 4 digit extensions.

Park and Pickup

Place calls on hold and pick up when you’re ready.

Music on Hold

Keep your customers cool, calm and collected while they’re on holding with your choice of music.

User Portal

Our phones come with a web based portal that allows you to make and receive calls, texts, and check your voicemails from your computer.

Custom Logo

A popular feature, our team is able to add your logo to your phones Home Screen. Best part is we can do it remotely. All you have to do is send us your logo.

Off Hour Alerts

Allow your customers to contact you after hours in case of emergency. Perfect for on-call based work such as doctors, plumbers, etc.

Custom Greeting

Initiate the conversation with your customers with a custom greeting. Save time by directing them to the appropriate party.

Video Conferencing

Since our phones are internet based, they’re fully equipped with video conferencing capabilities.

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